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When you hire The McGorry Law Firm, you get Mike McGorry, Pam McGorry or Jeff Sellers. You won’t get paralegals or associates. We answer our own phone calls and respond to them immediately. We don’t advertise on billboards, television or the phone book. We get new clients by keeping our present clients happy and by word of mouth from those clients letting their friends and family know that The McGorry Law Firm will be there for them in their time of need and will represent them to the best of their abilities.

The McGorry Law Firm is a full-service family law firm serving all of your family’s needs. From handling complex personal injury claims and divorces to simple wills and real estate transactions, we at The McGorry Law Firm have thirty-five years of experience in handling these types of matters. For a free consultation please contact us at 716-854-6525 extension 333 or email us at We look forward to serving you.

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